Monday, June 9, 2014

Team Foundation Server - Automatically Updating Process Template

Team Foundation Server provides a tremendous amount of customization, if you're willing to dive into it. Using the TFS Power tools, it's much easier to update templates of both local copies and remote data. This presents a larger issue of tracking changes and populating changes out to multiple projects.

Alkampfer provides a great starting point that works against a single project. I've modified it to work against multiple projects below as well as filter the work item template directory to only include xml files. The TFS Power Tools add in some extra designer files.

One other issue I ran into is that, at least in my default instance of TFS 2013.2, the build service account had been left out of the Service Accounts TFS group. Adding the account required this from the command line:
.\TFSSecurity.exe /g+ "Team Foundation Service Accounts" n:[DOMAIN]\[BUILD SERVICE]/server:https://[TFS]


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